Billins / Invoicing

The billing center in Taoclinic gives the user the ability to quickly and intuitively manage all of the needed accounting procedures. In this window it is possible to view the patients’ details and their entire accounting events.


In this section you can learn about:



Billing Center



The left table lists the patients’ names and their balance totals. The table to the right lists all of the invoices and insurance forms payments for each patient from the list.

The time period for the calculated invoices can be changed by clicking the – Date Filter – button on the bottom, bellow the patients’ list.



Clicking on the icon to the left of each invoice or double-clicking a certain line will open that invoice with its details. It is also possible to change or edit any of the invoice’s items, add services, payments etc.

You can choose to view only paid invoices, unpaid, or overdue, by choosing from the combo-box at the top right. It is also possible to mark the – Include CMS-1500 – checkbox on or off.


Creating New Invoice

This window was designed to be simple and open to various needs, and includes ‘a behind the scenes’ powerful means to help you get the easiest and smoothest operations possible.
The new invoice window includes two tables. The top table is for adding new services to the invoice, such as CPT codes and charges, products sold to a patient, ICD codes procedures and any other service given to the patient.

The bottom table is for any payments received to pay for the above services. It is possible to add services and/or payments at a later time.



Working with the services table:

Each line depends on the type of service. Therefore it is important to choose the type before adding the rest of the line (such as description, cost, quantity etc).

By choosing the type, the inner engines of the table will adapt to the needs of that specific type.


For example, choosing the – Services / CPT – option, will automatically insert the entire CPT descriptions in the – Description – column to choose from. Choosing any code from that list will automatically insert the code, the price and other values into the appropriate columns.

billing invoice

If you choose the – Product Purchases – type, the table will automatically adjust, to have all of the products in your inventory available under the – Description – column. As above, choosing any of the products from that list will automatically adjust for the code, price and taxes of the specific product.

billing new invoice

You can also manually change, add, or delete any of the cells in the table.

Clicking any of the cells under the – Date – column of any line will automatically insert the current date, also allowing you to change to any other date you need.

Sorting: You can very easily sort the table the way you like by clicking on the header of any column. For example, clicking “Date” header will sort the table content by date. Clicking “Type” will sort it by the various types, clicking “Total” by the ascending amounts of the totals etc.

Clicking the header a second time will switch from sorting in an ascending order into descending order and vise versa.

Right-click on a line in order to get a – Delete – option of that entire line.

You can use the arrow keys to move from one cell to the next (right, left, up, down).

Working with the payments table:

With this table you can enter the payment or payments for the above services. You can enter the amount and dates only, but can also choose a payment type and add a description.

Clicking the – Payment Type – column will show a button. You can manually write the payment type, but if you click that button you will get the payment method window. There it is possible to choose a payment type and key in all of the appropriate details. For example, it is possible to choose the – Check – type and fill in the check number and bank. Clicking – Ok – will update the line.


Each line can have a different payment type.

Bellow the two tables it is possible to add free text in the text-box to the left. This text will be attached to the current invoice.

It is possible to insert an amount for the adjustment of the totals. The small button on the right of the adjustments box can help you calculate and insert the right amount to round off the totals.