Appointments Calendar


Taoclinic Professional includes an advanced appointments calendar that is used to schedule appointments with patients. It is especially easy to manage an appointment - schedule, edit, move, delete. It is also possible to set the proffered view for the calendar, colors, days number, line heights, 12/24 hour format, and also possible to export all of the appointment to Microsoft Outlook.


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Taclinic's calendar has a unique Acupuncture systems incorporated, to help setup an appointment that matches the "Open Meridian" and "Open Points" needed for a special treatment.

If several practitioners are using the same copy of Taoclinic for their work (multi-practitioner mode) then each practitioner can setup the appointments for his own patients only, but the entire appointments that were made are visible, so no conflicts can occur.

To make a new appointment all you have to do is drage the patient’s name from the list on the right to the requested date/time in the calendar. You can also double clic a place in the calendar, or use the menu. To move an appointment, all you have to do is to drag it from where it is to the desired new date/time (as demonstrated in the calendar movie).


appointment calendar
New appointment


Find Time for Open Meridian/Point is a function used to find the ideal dates and times to use certain points or meridians. You can use this function in two different ways. You can open the “Open Hours Table” and view a calendar with each day displaying the ideal points and meridians for the chosen day. The other way to use this function is to right click on a certain time slot in the Appointments Calendar and press Find Time for Open Meridian/Point. A small box will appear telling you the ideal point and meridian for that time slot.


open meridian and acu-point


open points