Clinic Management


Taoclinic professional gives you full control over you clinic management needs. Managing your working practitioners, inventory, expenses, and income is quick and easy.


It is easy to start. Once you’ve filled up the clinic details, it is automatically inserted at the appropriate needed places, such as formula ordering form, insurance billings etc.:


Clinic details

Adding and managing the practitioners in the clinic is extremely intuitive and easy. Taoclinic can handle upto 10,000 different practitioners, each with unlimited number of patients. When a practitioner needs to use Taoclinic, with his own patients only, his invoicing system, his notes, reports etc., all that is needed is to click the “Log” button:


Clinic practitioners


The “Clinic Expenses” option let you add various kinds of expenses. You can add any type you like, whatever fits the clinic normal operations:


Clinic expenses


Get a report of all of the expenses for any time range, or a complete balance report which calculates all of the practitioners paid invoices and all of the various expenses to any time you like. This is an expense report sample:


Clinic expenses report


An example of the overall clinic balance report that combines the total expenses and the paid invoices for different practitioners, to the year of 2005:


Clinic report


Managing the Inventory:

The Manage Inventory function in TaoClininc is used to monitor and manage your clinic’s inventory. This function allows you to give each item an ID number, a code, and an item name. You can also view the cost of the item, how much you charge, and how much you have in stock.


Clinic Inventory
Inventory item order


It is also easy to import product directly from the inventory into a patient's session. The product is automatically imported while all of the relevant counter are adjusted.


Inventory into session
Inventory into session