Insurance Management


Taoclinic Professional provides the practitioner with a complete solution for managing the different needs of insurance handling. It is possible to add insurance companies' lists with contact information for quick retrieval and automated fill outs. Taoclinic includes ICD9 and CPT codes for acupuncture, automated HCFA/CMS-1500 forms fill out and much more (includes the new version of cms1500!).


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Adding insurance companies and patient details


Insurance company


The personal details that you have already entered into Taoclinic are automatically transferred to the Edit Patient Insurance Details page. At the top of the page you enter the relevant insurance information. The details that you need to provide include, the insurance program, the ID number, the insured’s plan name or program name, insurance company, policy group, and the employer’s name or school name. For the insurance company, you can select a company name from a list that you created using Manage Companies, and the company details will appear.


Insurance program


Managing ICD9 and CPT codes:

Insurance codes are extremely simple to manage in Taoclinic. The software includes over 2000 ICD9 codes and CPT for use in acupuncture. You can easily add/edit as many new codes as you need.

The ICD9 list has a quick-find option and can be sorted alphabetically or by code numbers.


ICD9 insurance codes


Also, uniquely in Taoclinic, it is possible to filter the list by 27 different body systems categories, such as "Cardiovascular system" or "Endocrine system" etc. This lets you manage and search the codes in an exceptionally easy technique, instead of just the usual tedious endless browsing you have done until now.


ICD9 insurance codes


The following page lets you add, edit, or delete an ICD9 index or a body system category.

To add an ICD9, select ICD-9 from the Manage Insurance menu, and then press Add New ICD9. A box will appear where you can enter a name and code for the new ICD9. To edit or delete an ICD9 index, select the desired ICD9*, and then press ICD-9 and choose either Edit Current ICD9 or Delete ICD9 Index.

The ICD9 codes are categorized by body systems. You can add, edit, or delete body systems. To add a body system, select Systems from the Manage Insurance menu, and then press Add New Body System. A box will appear where you can enter a name for the new system. To edit or delete a body system, select the desired Body System, and then press Systems and choose either Edit Current System or Delete Body System Index.

After you select an ICD-9 symptom from the left of the page, the related Connected Body Systems, on the right, are automatically selected.


ICD9 insurance codes management


Much like the ICD9 management it is possible to manage the CPT insurance codes. It is possible to sort, search, add and edit the codes. With CPT you can also attach the cost for every code in order to automatically have the cost calculated when imported into a session treatment/invoicing systems.


CPT insurance codes


It is extremely easy to import various insurance codes into the patient's session. Just click and select the relevant codes.


CPT insurance codes import


Working with health claim forms CMS-1500/HCFA-1500

HCFA-1500 / CMS-1500 are the forms that are required by insurance companies to handle all claims. Taoclinic’s HCFA-1500 / CMS-1500 function simplifies the tedious process of filling out these forms.  Each box contains individual help about filling it out. Taoclinic also automatically fills out the patient details in the forms. Several parts provide lists and automatic conversions for illnesses and injuries. Part 21, which is a main part of the form, allows you to double click on the boxes and choose from a list those illnesses and injuries that are particular to your patient. The program then automatically fills in the related insurance codes in the appropriate spaces.  Double clicking on boxes in part 24 (box B and box D), also provides relevant lists to choose from.


HCFA/CMS-1500 insurance form


Where required, it is possible to get lists of codes (ICD9, CPT, Places) that can be quickly searched and inserted into the right places of the form.


HCFA/CMS-1500 insurance form
HCFA/CMS-1500 insurance form


The fields are automatically calculated from previously entered pages, and from the various information data that already exists. For example, this whole page was filled up automatically by Taoclinic:


HCFA/CMS-1500 insurance form


Once finished, you can print the form on CMS-1500 empty forms. It is also possible to print a complete form with the filled fields on empty paper, with or without bar-code.

Uniquely in Taoclinic the form can be directly emailed to you desired destination, attaching it as a PDF or HTML file.

It is also possible to save the form for later retrieval, and also to save it directly into the invoicing mechanism of the patient.


HCFA/CMS-1500 insurance form