Patient Management

Taoclinic professional consists of the most advanced tools for managing patients' files, sessions, billings and more. Unlike any other software in this area, you get full word-processor capabilities, including live spell checking, text auto complete, drag & drop database information, automated diagnostic tools, formula/modification construction and ordering tools, health improvement and sessions effect graphs, photos/faxes/scanner importing unlimited images, automated HCFA/CMS-1500 fill out, automated Stems & Branches analysis… and this is only partial list!!!

Be sure to check Taoclinic Pro superb SOAP Note system!


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Taoclinic enables complete running of a clinic, including patient files, medical history, follow up, formula prescriptions, and more. The program allows for an unlimited number of patients, with unlimited treatment sessions. Every treatment is recorded and saved for quick retrieval.


Patients files



The system can separately handle up to 10,000 different practitioners with unlimited number of patients each. This is not just a list as presented on other products in the market - the system allows each practitioner automatic access to his or her patient files and financial records. It is done in such a way that every practitioner is logged in and is exposed only to his patients, only his billings, only his notes and reports. (note: this is not a client/server edition).


Patients files


The organizing of large numbers of patients is intuitive, by simulating windows systems, providing quick and easy access.


Patients options


The patient files and clinic organizer are synchronized with the databases and the wizards, making handling of patients more efficient, from both the treatment and administrative points of view.


For example, the diagnostic and treatment wizards can be used to obtain a “second opinion” as to treatment options, or to refer to the database with easy navigation and cross referencing of data, for rapid retrieval of relevant treatment data.


The clinic organizer and the patient appointment log are linked to the Open Hours System, allowing the practitioner to schedule appointments at the most efficacious times for a specific treatment.


Sessions Management:

Unlike any other software in the field, you get extremely rich features in the session management systems. It is not just a rigid text-box where you can enter a sentence or two. The system allows unlimited number of session for every patient, each loaded with all of the possibilities.


acupuncture sessions


Here are some of the features you get:

A fully operating word processor. You don't have to own any third party components or software. It is possible to enter unlimited amount of text for every session, with the variety of fonts, colors and styles. A live speller is integrated and marks all of your mistakes (a Chinese medicine dictionary is included in the speller so as not to mark any of these words as a mistake).


The word processor includes an auto-complete feature. This means you only have to write the first or second characters only of every concept that exists in the databases, such as formula names, herbs, syndromes etc., Chinese and English name, insurance definitions etc.


Fully matured an unique diagnostic technology is included with every session. This technology is imported from "Ace – Acupuncture Expert" to give you the power of a better diagnosing and treating your patients. In sessions that a help or second opinion is needed you can just operate the "Auto Script" mechanism – and you get it. These diagnosis and treatment options are save along with everything else in the session.


session evaluation graph


session evaluation pie graph


Prescribe and order formulas and modification right from your patient session page. Easily mail/fax the order and save it in a simply organized list for further uses or replications.


Patient prescribed formulas


Automatically import any ICD9 and CPT insurance codes into the session. Import any product you have in your inventory. Manage all the expenses fro every session and then just click to get an invoice, superbill or CMS-1500 (HCFA) form.


Patient session billing


Below is the Stems & Branches analysis, yet another great tool to diagnose and treat your patient. It is calculated automatically, just by clicking the “S&B Analysis” button, based on the patient’s details entered the first time he arrived (more information of using this tool is found in Taoclinic’s online help):


Stems & Branches


Importing any data from the database is easy. Since Taoclinic is a complete solution, you have everything linked. Therefore, in this example, you can just copy and paste, or better yet – drag and drop – any information directly into the session page:


Information copy/paste


There are still other features in the session pages that enhance the practitioner activities, but we feel this is already enough for one web page...