A very wide-ranging medical questionnaire system can be applied for each patient. The program contains hundreds of medical queries that can be incorporated without burdening the practitioner. The required information can be retrieved and marked according to selected criteria and sections, with an option for adding comments freely. The information is saved as a concise document that is easily accessed as needed during a treatment session, when creating a formula, etc.


Full featured internal word processor enables you to write unlimited amount of text, in a clear and ordered way. This let you focus visually on the significant issues:


Patient questionnaire


Seventeen different sections, each with various options, allow an in-dept questionnaire. All that is needed is to check the appropriate box. Every time a checkbox is marked, a memo box is open automatically to let you add specific remarks on that specific item:


questionnaire topics


Clicking the "Summary" button list a complete summary of all of the different sections into a one full questionnaire. The questionnaire is automatically saved in the proper patient file, no need for any special action on your part.


questionnaire summary


The questionnaire can be viewed, printed, edited, copied etc. from various parts of relevant places.