SOAP Notes

One of the secrets of becoming a successful practitioner is being well-organized. Taoclinic provides the opportunity to save and maintain a detailed description of every patient and every session. In this way the practitioner is always sensitive to the patient's history, complaints, and health progress.

The SOAP notes is a basic record keeping method employed by doctors and other health care providers. It is an acronym for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan.

Taoclinic lets you use details session management, and also has the most advanced SOAP section, which can be prepared for every session with the patient. This is a great tool for both the practitioner and the patient, and it also plays an important part in many contacts with insurance companies.



You can initiate the SOAP notes from every session by clicking the SOAP button on the right of the top toolbar:


Session SOAP


For each of the four components of a SOAP note (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) there is a full internal word processor, enabling you to write in the most coherent and flexible way possible. It is possible to import material from another part of the patient’s file, such as questionnaire, diagnosis, general notes, and to import indexes such as pulse, tongue, health products and insurance codes. You may also print a complete document and/or send the document by email as simple text, rich-text format, or PDF file. All the editor components have a live speller that tests and corrects your typing as you go along.


SOAP note


Every time you open a SOAP note window it is attached to the session you are currently working on. You can see the session this note is attached to by observing the window caption, showing the session date. The current session date is also shown above each text editor window. If you need to work with a different session then just go back to the main session’s window, choose a different session from the bottom tabs, and re-enter with the SOAP button option.

The top tool bar includes several buttons which help you locate and add items. You can click the – Add Item – button to get a list of thousands and thousands of possible index captions existing in Taoclinic (insurance codes, herbs, symptoms, Chinese syndromes, disease names, acu-points, herbal formulas etc.). They are sorted alphabetically, so you can just locate and double-click any of them in order to insert a specific line into your notes. The Add-Tongue and Add-Pulse help to import appropriate descriptions.

The left side-bar has several import options. You can import chief complaint and full questionnaire of a specific patient. It is also possible to import CPT and ICD-9 codes from the codes list, as well as products from your inventory list.

With just a click of a mouse you can import products directly from the inventory into the plan of the SOAP note:

SOAP plan import inventory


And this is a quick ‘click and import’ of CPT codes & prices directly into the note:

SOAP import CPT insurance codes


It is extremely easy to preview or print the complete SOAP note, or email it as plain text, as rich text format, or as adobe acrobat’s PDF file format:

SOAP email


This is the PDF document created for the above example. As you can see, the complete SOAP note is arranged for best appearance, and automatically inserts the details of the clinic, the practitioner, and the patient: